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Professional Male Escort and Sexual Surrogate

Hi, I'm John, a professional male escort for women and sexual surrogate.

I'm single, slim, 6'2" (188cm), late forties and British. I've worked in teaching, sports coaching, technology and mental health before becoming an escort and surrogate.

I've an easy-going, fun-loving personality, empathic and sensitive to people's needs. I'm based in London and will travel throughout England, the UK and abroad.

Some clients want an entertaining male escort for companionship. Others require a sexual surrogate to help them with sexual and intimacy problems e.g. vaginismus, anorgasmia, social and sexual anxiety, sexual inhibiton and menopause sex problems for which I offer natural solutions. Others have a disability or mental illness, which prevents them from having a conventional relationship and are perhaps looking for a longer-term solution.

The well-being of my clients is paramount and support is offered at all stages of our professional relationship. My aim is to benefit my clients, whether it's as a caring, considerate, fun companion or to help with deeper issues - or both!

Most women contacting me have never been with an escort or surrogate before. They tell me the biggest hurdle for them to overcome is making initial contact with me - due to nervousness or embarrassment. After, the rest is often plain and enjoyable sailing!

Please try to suspend any fears and worries for a few minutes and contact me to discuss in complete confidentiality about what I can do for you.

Tel: 07732 433451
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John Knight BSc MSc PGCE